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Outsourcing Dispatch

Our Dispatch service acts as a call center, offering to outsource your business.

With our experienced team of professionals, rest assured that all your calls will be covered and business handled with the utmost proficiency.

With us you will not endure per minute costs, rather you will be charged per vehicle. All phone calls are recorded so that you can monitor and problem solve more effectively.

We are your go to team when it comes to affordability and efficiency.




With Fides021 you can cut at least 50% you pay to your employees now.

How it works

We hire agents on purpose. Most of them have never worked for limousine company before. We train them for about 2-3 months. In that case you may have to wait for your agent to complete the training.
Upon completing the training your future agent will have to pass the final exam.
You'll get the video of his final exam.
If you are not happy with your agent you can always request replacement.

We may also have pre trained agents ready to start now. This option will be announced on our website if there is available agent.

Communication with your agent.

Communication is possible any time during your agent's service hours. You'll have the number assigned for call forwarding and that's the actual number to reach your agent during the service hours.



Every call will be recorded and you'll have access to the recordings. This way you can give support to your agent in his/her intention to go into the right direction.
You'll get weekly report of your agent's activity.

We have 4 types of services to offer
1. Full time agent 8 hours/day . (5 days /week). Either morning or afternoon shift.
2. Shared agent
8 hours a day (5 days/week). Morning or afternoon shift. Takes care of two limo companies max. Does all except internet marketing. Not recommended for companies that average 3 or more calls / hour.
3. Night shift dispatch from 10pm-7am central standard time. This position considers shared agents that handle more than two companies up to ... depending on volume of the calls. Driver's wake up calls.
4. Per minute agents handled by shared agents. Recommended for owner operators that want to do everything themselves. There are moments when they have a customer in their car and would rather have someone else to handle the calls. Option for weekends and holidays.

Remember - we don't charge the hold time.
Prices for full time agent : up to 3 years experience $1000.00, up to 5 y experience $1300, over 5y exp $1600


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