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Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

A digital marketing strategy is the core and beginning of every successful activity on the online world.

The advantage of digital marketing in comparison to traditional marketing is that you can calculate the success rate of every campaign and every advertisement.

“ I know at least half of my advertising budget works; I just don’t know which half ” Henry Ford

Marketing hasn’t changed much since Ford has stated this. Luckily, today we have analytical tools which help us precisely calculate how much activity which leads to sales cost us. What is the price of a click that brings people to a website, how much does a like cost, and how many of your target group has your advertisement reached?


The key advantage of digital marketing is that we can choose who sees our post. The possibility of precisely targeting groups, scripted processes, remarketing and retargeting campaigns, make the entire process that much easier, and the performance and effectivity of advertisement has never been greater!

Are you ready for Success?

Great! You will be because Fides Marketing Team will analyze for you:

- The positioning of your brand
- Defining campaign goals and advertisements
- Defining channels for advertising (Social Media, PPC, B2B, Mail Marketing, SEO.SEM, Content Marketing)
- Defining the budget of the framework of every advertisement and campaign (this can be done through icons)

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Our work is completely transparent and for every activity we deliver a detailed report about the success rate of any activity, on the basis of which we can generate better results, or rather more easily accomplish defined goals.


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